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TomToy Individual letter I spy trinkets for alphabet, Miniature abc objects, Montessori alphabet. Sorting toddler activities TomToy Individual letter I spy trinkets for alphabet, Miniature abc objects, Montessori alphabet. Sorting toddler activities TomToy Individual letter I spy trinkets for alphabet, Miniature abc objects, Montessori alphabet. Sorting toddler activities

Trinkets with specific beginning sound to complete your Alphabet, for speech therapy and more educational games and crafts. Here you will find list of all the available trinkets by letter.

Images for all the trinkets are not available yet. You can find part of them and get a general impression from different ABC sets

5 objects in random or specific choice

Some words require using of 2 or more objects, they marked "2pcs" in brackets, take it into account if ordering one of these. For example:
- nightingale is a combination of a bird and musical note (2pcs)
- ice cream is van and ice-cream (2pcs)
- zoo is fence and 3 jungle animals (4pcs)

Number of available trinkets by letter:
● A
abacus, acorn, airplane, aladdin lamp, alarm, alien, alligator, almond fruit, anchor, angel, angry bird, animal tracks, ant, ape, apple, arm (hand), armchair, armor, arrow, asparagus, astronaut, audio tape, Australia flag, Austria flag, automobile, award, axe

● B
baby, baby bottle, backpack, badge, bag, balance, ballerina, banana, baseball, basketball, bat baseball, bat bird, bear (head or full), bed, bee, bell, bell pepper, berries, bicycle, Big Ban, binoculars, bird, blocks, blue daisy, Blue Jay bird, boat, bone, book, boot, bottle, bow, bow arrow, bowl, branch, Brazil flag, British soldier, broom, brush, bucket, bulb, bus, butterfly, button
● C
cab, cactus, cage, camel, camera, Canada flag, candy, candy cane, canoe, cap, car, Cardinal bird, cards, carrot, castle, cat, caterpillar, cleaver, clock, closet, clothespin, cloud, clover, cobra, coffee cup, coil, coin, cola, comb, compass, computer, Congo flag, cookie, coral, cork, corn, couch, cow, cowboy hat, crab, crayon, Croatia flag, crocodile, crown, crystal, crystal ball, cup, cupcake chair, chant, cherry, chick, China flag, chips, chocolate, Christmas tree
● D
dagger, daisy, deer, Denmark flag, dice cube, digger, dinosaur, diving mask, dog, dollar, dolphin, domino, Donald duck, donut, door, double decker bus, dove, dragon, dragonfly, drawer, dress, drill, duck, dumbbell, dump truck
● E
eagle, earth, easter egg, egg, eggplant, Eiffel tower, eight, elephant, elk, emoji, envelope, eraser, excavator, eye, eyes, eyeglasses
● F
fairy, falling star, fan, feather, fen, fir tree, fire, fire engine, fire extinguisher, fish, fish boat, fishbone, five, flag, flame, flamingo, flatfish , flip flop, floor lamp, flower, flute, fly, flying saucer, foot, football, fork, four, fox, France flag, french fries, french horn, frog, frying pan
● G
gear, gemstone, gerbera flower, Germany flag, ghost, gift, gingerbread man, giraffe, girl, glass slipper, glasses, globe, gnome, goat, Goldfinch, gorilla, grapes, grasshopper, Greece flag, guitar, gummy bear, gun
● H
hacksaw, hairbrush, hamburger, hand, handcuffs, hanger, happy, hare, hat, hatchet, haunted house, headphone, heart, hedgehog, helicopter, hello kitty, helm rudder, helmet, hen, hexagon, high heel, hippo, hockey, honey, honeycomb, hook, horse, horseshoe, hospital, hot air balloon, hot pepper, hourglass, house, hummer, hydrant
● I
ice cube, ice-cream, ice-cream van (2pcs), ice hockey, iced cookie, Iceland flag, ice-skates, icicle, igel, indian, infant, infinity, injection, ink, insect (mantis), insects (3pcs - bee, ladybug, butterfly), iron, island, Italy flag
● J
jack rabbit, jack-o'-lantern, jaguar, jalapeno, jam, Japanese girl, jar, jaws, Jay bird, jelly, jelly bean, jellyfish, jester, jet, jewel, jingle bell, jolly roger, jug, juice
● K
kangaroo, katydid, kettle, key, keyboard (piano), kiss (lips), kitchen knife, kitty, kiwi, knife, knight, knitting, knot, koala, Korea flag
● L
ladder, ladybug, lamb, lantern , laptop, leaf, lemon, letter (envelope), letters (3pcs), licence plate, life buoy, light bulb, lighthouse, lightning, lights, lion, lips, lipstick, lizard, lock, locomotive, lollypop, lorry, love (heart)
● M
m&m, Macau flag, Macedonia flag, magic wand, mail (envelope),  mantis, mask, measuring cup, megaphone, mermaid, mickey mouse, microphone, microscope, milk, minion, mirror, mistletoe, mitten, mixer, mobile, model, money, monkey, moong, moose, motorcycle, mouse, movie, muffin tray, mushroom
map print
● N
nail polish, nautilus shell, navy ship, necktie, needle, nest, nesting box, nesting doll, Netherlands flag, newt, nightingale (2pcs), nine, ninja turtle, no, Norway flag, notebook, notepad, note (musical), numbers (3pcs), nurse hat, nut (peanut), nut (screw), nutcracker
● O
oars, ocean liner, octagon , octopus, old time car, one, orange slice, origami, ornament (christmas bauble), oven mitt, overall, owl, ox, oyster
● P
pacifier, paddle, pail, Painted Bunting bird, palette, palm (hand), palm tree, pan, panda, parrot, passport, pea, peacock, peanut, pearl, peg, pelican, penguin, pepper, perfume, pharaoh, phoenix, phone, piano, pickup truck, pig, pigeon, pill, pineapple, pinecone, pirate flag, pirate ship, pizza, planet, pliers, pointers, popcorn, Portugalia flag, post stamp, pram, present, princess, puffer fish, pumpkin, pumpkin carriage, puppy, puzzle
● Q
quail, quartz, queen, queen carriage, queen frog, question mark, quiche, quill, quilt (handmade, counts as 5pcs), quiver (3pcs)
● R
rabbit, raccoon (head), racket tennis, radio, rainbow, rake, raspberry, rat, ray fish, rectangle, rhino, ring, Robin bird, robot, rocket, rocking horse, roller-skates, rolling pin, Romania flag, rooster, rose, rudder, rugby, ruler, Russia flag, Russian doll
● S
sand watch, Santa, sausages, saw, saxophone, scarecrow, scarf, Scarlet Tanager bird, school bus, scissors, screwdriver, sea turtle, seahorse, seal, sewing machine, shark, sheep, shell, sheriff, shoes, shovel, signpost, six, skateboard, skeleton, skull, slipper, smile, snail, snake, snowflake, snowman, sock, spade, Spain flag, spanner, spatula, spices, spider, spool, spoon, square, squid, squirrel, star, starfish, Statue of liberty, stethoscope, steering wheel, stockings, stork, strawberry, stroller, submarine, suitcase, sun, sunflower, sunglasses, swan, Sweden flag, sweets, Switzerland flag, sword, swordfish, syringe,
● T
table. tape measure, tassel, taxi, tea bag, teapot, teddy bear, telephone, television, thermometer, thimble, thread, tie, tiger, toad, tomato, tooth, toothbrush, toothpaste, top hat, torch, toucan, tractor, traffic light, train, treasure box, treasure map, treble clef, tree, triangle, trumpet, t-shirt, Turkey flag, turtle, twig, two
● U
UFO, ukulele, UK flag,  ulysses butterfly, umbrella, underwear, unhappy, unicorn, urchin, USA word, USA flag, US marshal, utensils
ultrasound print, under construction print
● V
valentine card, vampire bat, vampire teeth, van, vanity, vase, vegetables (3pcs), velcro, vehicle, ventilator, video camera, Vietnam flag, viking, violin, viper, visa, volleyball
● W
waffle, wagon, walnut, wand, watch, watering can, wardrobe, watermelon, web, whale, whisk, wind mill, wine, wings, wishbone, witch, witch hat, wolf, worm, wreath, wrench
world map print
● X
x marks the spot, xanthisma (sleepy daisy), xebec (3-lanteen boat), xenopus (frog), xiaosaurus, xiphias (sword fish), x'mas tree, xylophone, x-ray fish
x prints: x-ing, x-ray hand, x-ray body, x-ray lego minifigure, x-ray pig
● Y
yacht, yak, yarn, year 2017, yellow crayon, yellowjacket, yellow submarine, yes word, yolk (fried egg), young moon, y-shaped twig, yule tree
● Z
zebra (head or full body), zebrafish, zeppelin, zero, zigzag ribbon, zinnia, zipper, zombie, zombie teeth, zoo (4pcs fence+animals), zzz.... sleeping animal owl/deer/giraffe
z prints:  zebra crossing,  zebra butterfly, zebra caterpillar, zodiac, zoo

Most of the objects are mix of charms, beads, buttons, cabochons and miniatures made of metal, plastic, resin and wood.
And some objects are handmade pieces made of fabric, felt or paper.
Colors are mixed and may vary from pictured.

1-3 cm (0.4- 2 inch), and some may be larger
Small parts. Adult supervision is required.

You can find more objects in Big individual trinkets list

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