23 October 2015

Fire station for Diezel

Handmade quiet book for Diezel, fire station themed busy book
 Развивающая книга пожарная станция приведет в восторг любого любителя пожарных :)
Повтор, или точнее продолжение, книги Пожарная станция,  вместо 4 страниц, в этой 12(!)
Книга именная, с именем мальчика, вместо названия Пожарная станция.

Quiet book Fire station for Diezel.
What boy doesn't love firemans? Mine loves very much, so every boys book it's a celebration. There isn't many of them, somehow girls get all the fun.
But this one is a whole 12 pages of boys fun.

06 October 2015

Urban Zoologie №1

Quiet book/Busy book Urban Zoologie - children's activity book

Quiet book/Busy book Urban Zoologie - children's activity book  

   This book features 8 pages, made of panel fabric Urban Zoologie with added activities. The book has rings binding and button loop closure. Elephant - ear flap to lift Zebra -behind velcro gate Owl - peekaboo moving wings Lion - hiding in a grass Monkey Bird - rustle cloud Hippo - marble maze
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