11 September 2018

CVC trinkets v2



CVC I spy trinkets, Short vowel words, Early Reading, Phonetic box, Classroom Homeschool Preschool materials

CVC words are short vowel words to practice reading skills.
Great for Montessori pink, blue and green series words.
This set created with mix of miniatures, charms, beads, buttons, prints and more.
Color, and sometimes design, of objects may vary from pictured.

Select number of trinkets:
● 38 CVC set
consonant-vowel-consonant words, like cat, hat, bug, mug (pink series)
● 33 CVC+ set
double consonant at the beginning or/and at the end of the word, like sock, clock, truck, duck (blue series)

Plastic, resin, wood, alloy, paper

1-3.5 cm (3/8-1.5 inch)

To order on Etsy
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