24 February 2021

Small individual trinkets


Here you can find list of all the available I spy trinkets and to order specific trinkets.

In the past I had two purchase options:
random or specific choice sets
I removed the random option and divided all the trinkets to sets of 5 pieces. This way you can see how your set is going to look like.
Or you can put together you own set with specific trinkets, this option remains for additional 25% of the price.

Small individual trinkets in the shop
Letter A
Alpaca Acorn Accordion Award Audio
Alligator Airplane Animal track Ape Alarm
Ambulance Angel Armchair Arrow ABC
Ant Asparagus Anchor Arrow Abacus
Astronaut Apple Angry bird Armor Alien
Argentina Australia Austria Autumn leaves
Avocado Airplane Angel fish Apple Axe
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