"I spy with my little eye something…"
I spy games are so fun, but where to get all these little trinkets? 
TomToy has a wide range of trinkets for any needs.

TomToy it's a small line of handmade toys. In creating process I use a lot of cute buttons, beads and other miniatures. Once these treasures became a product itself - I spy trinkets.
I made so many sets in different colors, sizes and themes. And if you still didn't find what you looking for, you can order custom set and individual trinkets for your needs.
I have over 500 different kinds now and continuously working on new sets, alphabets and more new ideas.

Miniature trinkets for I spy bags, I spy bottles and other educational toys or crafts.

The trinkets are charms, beads, buttons, miniatures, cabochons made of plastic, wood and alloy.

most trinkets are 1-3 cm (0.4-1.2 inch)
Big trinkets: 2.5-7cm
Use only under adult supervision.

Ships from Israel with registered air mail.
For multiple purchase shipping is not calculated correctly, I will refund shipping overchurge.

Visit my Etsy shop TomToy

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