29 May 2016

Bunny day #2

Bunny day quiet book
Quiet book Bunny day, , gender neutral dollhouse

Quiet book Bunny day Bunny hole maze

Quiet book Bunny day Garden

Quiet book Bunny day Kitchen

Quiet book Bunny day Dining

Quiet book Bunny day Shower

Quiet book Bunny day Bedroom

Bunny day

20x20cm (8x8")

1. bunny hole - underground marble maze
2. vegetables and fruits garden - harvest
3. kitchen with transparent pot
4. table setting
5. dew shower
6. bed

The pages made from cotton fabric lined with fusible interfacing for stiffness. Batting between the pages. Removable pieces and appliques made of polyester felt.
Variety of buckles, buttons, laces, magnets, snaps, … making learning fun and easy.

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