18 October 2017

Outer space collection

Outer space TomToy Crochet applique, Kids clothing decoration, Crochet patch, Crochet space - Aliens, Planets, Stars, Rocket, Flying saucer,
This is my Outer space crochet applique collection.
I like to create theme sets, but you can feel free to choose any item and mix the sets.
Every piece priced separately, you will find prices in the variations dropdown menu.

Would look great as applique for children clothing, for pillow and blanket decoration, scrapbooking or other crafting project.

The collection features aliens, planets, stars and more, you can select from:
● green one-eyed alien
● red three-eyed alien
● blue alien girl
● sun
● earth
● saturn
● star
● shooting star
● rocket ship (rocket's button color may vary)
● flying saucer
● Set of 10 (one of each above)

Didn't find what you're looking for? Contact me and I will make it specially for you.

Hand crocheted with Italian 100% cotton yarn, using felt, buttons and beads for decoration.
Other color variations available to order.
Completely handmade and one of a kind, so yours may vary from pictured.

aliens 7-8 cm (2.7-3.2") tall

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