26 June 2017

Pirate ABC

New in theme alphabets.
My new goal for alphabets is almost impossible - unique words in every set, so if you buy few sets, all will be different (or at least most of them:).
New alphabets are challenging than ever. Some trinkets very hard to find, so I'm adding handmade pieces to stand in the goal.

Usually the hard to find letter are X, Y, Z
In pirate alphabet Y is "Yellow Jack", signal flag in yellow and black, used to symbolize ship is under quarantine.
My trinkets wordlist is growing and so my knowledge))

Pirate ABC
Pirate themed I spy trinkets for alphabet I spy bag/ bottle, learning abc's games, kids crafts and more.

26 objects

Most trinkets are mix of charms, beads, buttons, miniatures, cabochons made of metal, plastic and wood.
Yellow jack is a paper prints.
Color of objects may vary from pictured.

Most objects are 1-3 cm (0.5- 1 inch)
Small parts, adult supervision is required.

Shop alphabets here or on Etsy

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